Our Mission

At 1st Choice Tax, our mission is to provide financial guidance and represent the communities and businesses that are in need of tax advisory services. We want to help our clients be informed and succeed in their financial endeavors.

About Us

We are proud to say that we are an all women and minority owned business. The vision started when two sisters faced challenges that were presented to them due to their lack of financial resources. Years later, we realized that our community, like many others, needed a trustworthy financial and professional advisor.

1st Choice Tax & Financial Services Inc. was first established in 2012. We are now a growing and reliable accounting firm. Managed and run by creative millennials who are empowered to make suggestions while thinking outside the box. The first office opened in Norcross, GA in 2012 and shortly thereafter we opened our second location in Gainesville, GA. Our biggest expansion yet was in 2018, when we opened our third location in Forest Park, GA and set forth to Seattle, Washington for our fourth location.